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Below are several questions and answers about The All Saints Fund and annual giving.  Please contact the Office of Development at 903.579.6000 with additional questions.


What is the difference between annual giving and The All Saints Fund?

Annual giving encompasses donations from the Spring Gala, gifts given for specific purposes such as iPads (also known as restricted gifts), and all contributions to The All Saints Fund.


What is The All Saints Fund?

The All Saints Fund is one of the School’s fundraising priorities. Gifts to this fund, along with income from the Auction and Gala, closes the gap between tuition and the actual cost of an All Saints education. Whether it’s inside or outside of the classroom, The All Saints Fund helps the school live up to its dedication of Discover Your All.

Tuition alone cannot fund the entire cost associated with an All Saints education as is the case with many independent schools. Tuition only covers 83% of our school’s annual operating budget. All Saints relies on gifts to The All Saints Fund to raise the additional revenue needed to sustain the school’s commitment to providing each student with the highest quality education possible. It is also an opportunity for those who benefit from and appreciate the mission of the School to express thanks to those who have made a difference in their lives.


Where do my dollars go?
  • The All Saints Fund is the school’s most important fundraising effort.  We encourage everyone to participate in the ASF.  Families have the option of designating where your gift will go: Academics, Fine Arts, Athletics, Spirituality or where the school needs it most. 
  • Spring Gala is held in March and is the Parent Association’s only annual fundraiser.  The proceeds from the Spring Gala benefit the general operating needs of the school.
  • Endowment gifts can be made to permanently fund a variety of the school’s needs.  Endowment gifts are invested and a portion of the investment each year will be used for the school.  Example – A gift of $50,000 to establish an endowment fund for teachers’ salaries will generate $2,500 per year in perpetuity. 
Why not raise tuition to cover all costs?

Large increases in tuition may prohibit the opportunity of an All Saints education to many families, therefore altering the diverse culture and distinctive learning environment each student currently enjoys. Through tax-deductible donations to The All Saints Fund, the school can keep tuition low.


Are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes, they are 100% tax deductible. Gifts can be made by cash, check, online by credit card (click the “donate now” icon) and by stock transfer (Contact the Office of Development).


Why is participation important?

The school’s financial strength is dependent upon the participation of all members of the school family. Your involvement generates enthusiasm and encourages others to join you in supporting All Saints. Additionally, when we ask foundations and corporations for support, the participation rate from those we serve, both past and present, is an indicator to them that the school is strong, valued and worthy of support.


How much should we give?

You are the only one who knows how much you are able to give. We ask you to consider making All Saints one of your top three philanthropies. 


Why have financial aid?

Many families have asked why the school offers financial aid.  Tuition to a private school is an investment in your child’s future. Many benefits are afforded to the greater school community when financial aid is offered.  Primarily this allows our enrollment to continue to grow to a healthy size. The school does not offer 100% award for tuition and fees.  With increased enrollment the school is better prepared to meet the financial needs of our operating costs along with a family’s tax-deductible gift to The All Saints Fund.


If you have questions, please contact the Office of Development at 903.579.6000 or email