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Time is running out!


As soon as your child’s grade reaches 100% parent participation, they will get a free dress day!  


The All Saints Fund, the school’s annual fund, has already reached 64% parent participation!  This important all school fundraiser is essential to supporting the school’s operating budget. Tuition alone does not fully finance our school.  Please join us in reaching our $375,000 All Saints Fund goal by participating in our effort! Pledge today…pay by May!  Give as generously as possible, making All Saints one of your top three philanthropies. Please remember, pledges can be paid monthly with full payment by the end of the school’s fiscal year, May 31. 2014.


Help us achieve our goal of 100% Participation by May 31.


Think about what All Saints means to you and your family. Every gift matters, no matter the size.





The All Saints Fund

Empowering Discoveries


This all-school fundraiser is the most important fundraising effort on behalf of the school. It strengthens and sustains our operating budget as tuition does not fully fund our school.  The school relies on these contributions to provide critical program support.


These gifts have an immediate and direct benefit to each student and faculty member. The All Saints Fund provides donors with the option to direct gifts to areas of personal interest while supporting fundamental elements of the school program.


ALL gifts to The All Saints Fund are tax-deductible! All pledges can be paid monthly, ending May 31, 2014.  The Office of Development is happy to set up auto-draft payments for you!




All Saints Fund donations can be directed to the following areas:


Academics: The All Saints Fund allows our teachers to continue to become better educators and build upon their areas of expertise. Your gift to the academic pillar will enhance our rich curriculum, technology, debate, the Learning Enrichment Center and all educational Discoveries. You may also give a gift in honor of a respected faculty member.


Fine Arts: Music, theater, and the visual arts enable our students to Discover new talents and passions thanks to your All Saints Fund support.  Donating to this pillar will allow our teachers to inspire a student to become a musician, an actor, a painter, a sculptor, a poet…an All Saints artist.  You may also donate in honor of a Fine Arts faculty member who is inspiring your child to become an artist.


Athletics: Athletics and physical education are important components of every student’s growth and development. Your support of the Athletics pillar will further enable our students to Discover their athletic talents and offer them state-of -the art programs and equipment. You may also give a gift in honor of a coach who is leading your child to success on and off the playing field.


Spiritual: As the premier private school in East Texas, we have a responsibility to entrust in our students what it means to grow spiritually in our world today.  Funds to this pillar will support all community service initiatives, financial aid, mission trips, and spiritual education.


Where the School Needs it Most: While The All Saints Fund supports every area of the school, some needs are greater than others.  


Should a fund become oversubscribed, the school will use the funds where it is needed most.


Ways to Give

Cash and Pledges

Donations and pledge payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, and/or through the transfer of stocks and securities. We have a convenient way of making payments online through the “Giving” section on the All Saints website – All pledges can be paid monthly. Gifts are due by May of the school year that the pledge is made.


Should you have any questions about supporting The All Saints Fund or other donor opportunities, please contact our Office of Development at 903.579.6000.