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The Armory
The Armory is excited to announce our new on-line web site for ordering spirit gear from The Armory. All “preordered merchandise” and specific sports related items will now be ordered on-line. This process will allow for better tracking and more accurate ordering of all sports items as well as allow you to complete your purchase on-line, in the convenience of your home!

Currently you can view many of the new items that we have available for you to purchase in the store under the “NEW ITEMS” in “THE ARMORY” tab. We are hopeful that we will soon be able to offer on-line purchasing of these items as well.


It is almost time for your season to begin. The Armory is currently offering spirit T-shirts, car decals, and yard signs for Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country. (Note that all sports for 2011 – 2012 will be available soon.)

You MUST place your order for any sports items through the web site by the designated deadline for ordering. A very limited supply of extras may be available inThe Armory after this date.


  • Volleyball – Monday, August 22
  • Football – Tuesday, August 23
  • Cross Country – Wednesday, August 24

All sports items offered by The Armory are OPTIONAL and are intended to enhance the school spirit for each sport at All Saints. These items are NOT required by the All Saints Athletic Department. Any athlete, family member, friend, or ASES student is welcome to order any of these items.

Visit our web site to complete your order TODAY!

THE ARMORY is located in the lobby of Davis Gym. Hours of operation are Tuesday and Thursday mornings during drop off, Thursday afternoons during pick up, and special times such as before home games or pep rallies. (Look for our signs around campus to know if we are open.)

If you would like more information, please contact us.


 The Armory