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Lower School Art

All Saints Lower School students are able to explore all styles and media of art through weekly art classes. Students are exposed to the techniques and style of the great artists of all time periods. The diversity of world cultures is also explored through the artistic expressions of different countries. Through a very sequential curriculum that begins with line, color, shape and texture in Kindergarten, students are taught art history, expression, creativity, and the value of diversity. The work of All Saints students is celebrated and displayed across campus during the annual Fine Arts Week.



Intermediate School Art

Students at the 5th and 6th grade levels continue to explore their artistic talents with closer studies of multi-culturalism and art through history. While both grade levels continue to practice in all media, fifth grade artists study, analyze, and model art from around the world and sixth grade students focus on art history, beginning with cave drawings and concluding at the renaissance period, and coordinate their artwork with their history classes. Additionally, sixth graders also have the opportunity to compete in the PSIA on-site drawing competition in the spring.


Middle School Art

Middle School art is designed to build on the knowledge and skills students learned in Lower School, while preparing them for more advanced art in Upper School. Students will create art projects using a variety of techniques and media, as well as discuss artists and art movements. Media and techniques may include watercolor, acrylic and/or oil paint, tempera paint, printmaking, ceramics, drawing, mixed media and chalk. Students will continue to build their art vocabulary, including the elements and principles of design. Principles of art criticism will also be introduced as students begin to describe and analyze works of art. The course will help students to appreciate their own art talent, as well as the role of art in our society and history.


Pictured above Gerald Roulette, 2-D art teacher, Osub Lee (’13), and

Hon. Louie Gohmert / First District, Texas. 2013.

Osub won third place in The 2013 Congressional Art Contest.



Upper School


2D Art – Drawing, Painting, Printmaking

The program for beginning art students places great emphasis on drawing, which is fundamental for all visual art. Students learn basic printmaking techniques as well, utilizing our multi-purpose printing press. Concepts in pen and ink design are explored, along with techniques for creating mixed media collage work. Beginning art students wind up the year with an introduction to oil painting, a foundation on which to build in subsequent years of study. Work created by these students can be viewed on the walls of Irwin Hall and Rogers Hall. Intermediate art students build on previous knowledge gained, and explore artistic techniques in more depth. Oil paintings and multi-processed printmaking projects become more complicated, and attention is always given to sharpening drawing skills, rendering still life works and self-portraits. Advanced art students study independently, creating paintings, collages, drawings, and prints. They are introduced to new techniques such as transferring photographic negative images onto canvas and paper using darkroom procedures and special emulsions.


3D Sculpture & Ceramics

This course introduces the fundamentals of three-dimensional art, including historical background, vocabulary, materials, tools, the methods of construction, and surface treatment. Sculpture projects will employ the use of a variety of media, and are inspired by the study of established sculptors. Ceramic instruction includes hand-building technique, coil and slab construction, introduction to wheel throwing and glazing methods. Emphasis will be placed on safety, respect, work ethic, creative expression, and aesthetic problem-solving. All visual art students may have the opportunity to compete in TAPPS competitions.