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Middle School Theater

The objective of this course is to allow the student to explore the opportunities that theatre performance can afford them, such as increased self-confidence, poise, advanced communication skills, a better understanding of theatre as an art form and – if nothing else – a fun and exciting extra-curricular activity. Students will learn the terminology and vocabulary of the theatre and some of the basic history of man’s search for expression, and will be given ample opportunity to observe and participate in the production process.



Upper School Theater

The Upper School theater course is designed to enrich the students’ knowledge of theater and acting techniques. The class will enjoy many creative experiences together while focusing on mime and pantomime, improvisation, technical theater, creative dramatics, audition techniques, scene work, play analysis, and class productions. All students are allowed performance opportunities as the course is very hands on and relevant to the appreciation of the discipline of performance. The class environment will be supportive and comfortable, but also very structured and concentrated. The study of theater will allow each student to leave with important skills and improved self-confidence.