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Eddie Francis Director of Athletics; Head Boy’s Basketball x6110
Cristy O’Bannon Athletic Coordinator x6109
Clayton Anderson Upper School Boy’s Soccer  
Scott Arnold Assistant Upper School Football  
Jeremey Bernard Head Upper School Girl’s Soccer; Upper and Middle School Golf x6217
Sharon Birtcher Assistant Upper School Tennis x5315
Andrea Booth Head Upper and Middle School Tennis  
Neiko Camp Assistant Upper School Boy’s Soccer  
Nick Champion Upper School Football; Head Upper School Softball x2106
Karly Champion Middle School Softball; Assistant Upper School Softball x2104
Jerry Courtney Middle School Football; Head Upper School Baseball x4101
Tim Feldmann Athletic Trainer  
Mike Hall Head Upper School Football; Middle School Track x6205
Tiffani Hall Middle School Girl’s Basketball  
Dave Hill Assistant Upper School Boy’s Basketball  
Tanner Holcomb Head Upper and Middle School Cross Country; Upper School Football; Upper School Track  x4004
Brian Jones Middle School Basketball  
Katy Kidwell Middle School Volleyball  
Lana Lambert Head Upper and Middle School Cheer x4005 
Karen Lanford Head Upper School Girl’s Basketball; Middle School Track x2105
Jesus Ledesma Middle School Soccer  
Brian MacKenzie Assistant Upper School Gir’ls Soccer  
Jake McGuffey Upper School Golf  
Willie Miller Middle School Football  
Allison Motto Middle School Volleyball x1216 
Elaine Nelson Lower School Physical Education x4000
Marsha Phillips Middle School Basketball; Upper and Middle School Strength & Conditioning x4102
Gerald Roulette Assistant Upper School Football x2206
Megan Rutter Assistant Upper School Volleyball  
Chris Singer Middle School Tennis  
Johnny Speake Assistant Upper School Football  
Gary Surratt Middle School Boy’s Basketball x3114
Bryan Winegeart Head Upper School Volleyball x3200
Bob Wood Assistant Upper School Tennis