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The All Saints Episcopal School Upper School is a TRUE community.  Students, faculty, and parents from all over East Texas come to All Saints to learn, play, worship, and interact.  A rich tradition of academics and extra-curricular activities has provided our students with an opportunity to grow intellectually and personally, and our faculty has created an environment to nurture this growth.




Academics are first and foremost at All Saints.  Students are encouraged to explore various possibilities and to stretch their minds.  This is done through a variety of experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom.  Within the classroom setting, our incomparable faculty is committed to providing the highest quality education to their students.  While test scores are not the only signs of success, All Saints student scores are well above the state and national averages on the PSAT and ACT tests.  Educational programs are designed with students’ needs in mind.  Students receive assistance to accelerate their learning to make them inquisitive and active learners, and to help them master life experiences, both scholastically and otherwise.  With the support of the faculty, students are given the opportunity to take on personal responsibility and leadership roles to become contributing members of the All Saints community, and the community at large.


Outside of the classroom, students have the opportunity to compete in a variety of different academic, athletic, and fine arts competitions through the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).  Additionally, students have the opportunity to serve the community through many service opportunities, and can participate in our annual mission trip.


Finally, to prepare our students for experiences beyond the All Saints Upper School, starting in the eighth grade, a comprehensive college advising program is integrated into the educational curriculum.


We invite you to browse our many offerings today, and contact our office if you have questions or need additional information.  Tours can be scheduled at your convenience by calling the Office of Admissions at 903.579.6001.