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The Middle School faculty at All Saints Episcopal School recognizes this crucial time of adolescent development and the need for a necessary balance between traditional instruction and innovative exploration. While the academic program is demanding, the teachers use a variety of instructional methods to address the various learning styles, challenging the students to find individual success, regardless of talent or academic ability. 


Middle School Landing 


The curriculum is rich in opportunity, including offerings in visual arts, performing arts, foreign language, technology, and Christian education.  Weekly Chapel services affirm our sense of community.  Middle School students enjoy the opportunity to participate on athletic teams and academic competitions throughout the year.


Each student in the Middle School has an advisor, a faculty member who serves as an adult resource and advocate for the student.  Advisory group discussions about character issues and current events serve to strengthen the communication among faculty members and students.  Advisory groups are committed to participate in service learning projects, understanding the importance of giving back to the school and community that nurtures and supports them.


An education in the All Saints Middle School is not merely academic, social or athletic.  It is one that values honorable behavior and prepares students to face the challenges ahead in the Upper School.


If you would like more information, please call 903.579.6000 x2114 or click here to email Kevin Crossno, Head of Middle School.