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The Intermediate School at All Saints provides a supportive and challenging environment that addresses the specific needs of adolescents, as they transition from the Lower School to the Middle School. The faculty, administrators, chaplain and staff work together to help students develop a sense of personal responsibility, foster spiritual growth, and appreciate the individual gifts and contributions of every member of the school community.


Intermediate School Landing 

The Intermediate School curriculum continues to support the liberal arts background that All Saints believes to be an integral part of each student’s educational foundation. While skills and objectives become increasingly more complex and difficult at this age, a primary goal of the Intermediate School is to stimulate intellectual curiosity. Teachers encourage the development of analytical and critical thinking skills, challenging the students to support opinions with facts.


Enrichment opportunities are provided for students to express themselves through the visual arts and to develop an understanding of cultural diversity through the study of Spanish. Band and choir are offered as electives for Intermediate School students, thus encouraging active participation and a heightened appreciation for the arts.


During this critical time of adolescent development, the All Saints Intermediate School provides a safe atmosphere in which students are taught the value of scholarship, the nature of integrity, and the respect for the perspectives of others and encouraged to see the connection between faith and their lives.



If you would like more information, please call 903.579.6000 x2114 or click here to email Kevin Crossno, Head of Intermediate School.