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All Saints Episcopal School has 94 professional staff, 28 have Masters degrees and two hold Doctorate degrees.  Additionally, three college professors are staffed to teach dual enrollment classes.


To view more information about our staff members click on their names below to see their individual profile.


If you are looking for coaching staff, please visit the Athletic Directory.


Jane Adams Pre-K – 6th Grade Art Teacher x3125
Manuel Alfaro Grounds Maintenance    
Heather Allotto Senior Accountant x1111
Rutilio Armendariz Groundskeeper    
Robbie Austin Technology Specialist mail_icon x1214
Jessica Baker Assistant to Director of Admissions x1124
Jeremey Bernard Pre-K – 3rd Grade Physical Education Teacher x6109
Becky Berry Upper School History Teacher x2201
Angela Billings Upper School English Teacher x2202
Sharon Birtcher Upper School Chemistry Teacher and Science Dept. Chair x5315
Andrea Booth Head Tennis Coach x6109
Colleen Borgeson 4th Grade Teacher x3210
Courtney Bracken Assistant to Head of Intermediate and Middle Schools x2116
Kristi Braley Upper School Debate Teacher x2209
Charles Brown Custodian    
Randal E. Brown Head of School x1107
Kevin Yochum Director of Technology x1208
Jerry Courtney Upper School Science Teacher x4101
Kevin Crossno Head of Intermediate and Middle Schools x2114 
Cindy Culwell 2nd Grade Teacher x3226
Miranda Davis Development Associate/Event Coordinator mail_icon x1121
Suzanne Dougherty Upper School Math Teacher x5302
Kyle Edgemon Head of Upper School x2214
Robin Edgemon Pre-K Teacher x3231
Han Eijsink Network Administrator x1215
Jennifer Ferguson Upper School Spanish Teacher and Foreign Language Dept. Chair x2205
Misty Findley Intermediate School Math Teacher x3116
Lisa Flowers Upper School Math Teacher and Math Dept. Chair x5305
Eddie Francis Director of Athletics x6110
Kimberly Freeman 2nd Grade Teacher x3203
Jennifer Furr Director of Fine Arts and Middle/Upper School Choir Director x3106
Padrah Gatewood Upper School French Teacher x2211
Kathy Gandillon Middle School Math Teacher x2101
Jennifer Gillentine Director of The Learning Center x3102
Jenny Glenn Upper School Dean of Students and Physics Teacher x5310
Kathryn Glenn Upper School Math Teacher x5301
Mike Hall Middle School History Teacher x6205
Scott Hammond Director of Operations x1209
Kellie Harrison Teacher Assistant    
Keri Hendon Development Associate/Data Specialist x1118
Deborah Hitt Middle and Upper School English Teacher and English Dept. Chair x2102
Tanner Holcomb Physical Education Teacher x4004
Lea Holland 3rd Grade Teacher x3208
Crissy Huffman Chief Financial Officer x1112
Valerie Huggler Kindergarten Teacher Assistant    
Patricia Jacks Assistant to Head of Upper School x2212
Patty Kiel Teacher Assistant    
Melissa Kirby 2nd Grade Teacher x3204
Ginger LaGrave Kindergarten Teacher x3227
Karen Lanford Middle School Science Teacher x2105
Carol Lee Intermediate School Science Teacher x3128
Robin Lewis Kindergarten Teacher x3228
Tom Marsh Upper School History Teacher and History Dept. Chair x2201
Kimberlee Martin-Ross Middle and Upper School Theater Arts Teacher x4006
Margarita Martinez Housekeeping    
Stacy McCormick Saints Care Director and Teacher Assistant  
Maureen McCullough Assistant to Head of School x1105
Michelle Melton Teacher Assistant    
Gretchen Mercer Director of Admissions x1120
Cheryl Ann Meyer Pre-K Teacher Assistant and Saints Care Assistant    
Lisa Mitcham 4th Grade Teacher x3211
Anthony Moore Lead Custodian    
Amy Morgan Accounting Assistant and Student Billing Clerk x1110
Rev. Thomas Morris Chaplain x1206
Allison Motto Upper School Technology, Economics, and Yearbook Teacher X1216
Brian Motto Director of College Advising x2204
Charlotte Mullen Director of Development x1119
Cristy O’Bannon Athletic Coordinator x6109
Carol Owens Pre-K Teacher Assistant    
Debra Parham Upper School Chemistry Teacher x5307
Kathleen Partain Upper School Math Teacher x5304
Lucy Perry Lower School Science Teacher x3207
Marsha Phillips Physical Education Teacher x4102
Cindy Pointer Mewbourne Math Enrichment Teacher x3120
Anna Quarton Rogers Hall Receptionist x1103
Beverly Ray Lower and Intermediate School Librarian x3216
Johnny Ray Lower and Intermediate School Music Teacher x3115
Debra Robbins Upper School Science Teacher x5314
William Ross Director of Bands x3300
Gerald Roulette Upper School Art Teacher x2206
Alejandrina Serrano Housekeeping    
Jill Smith 1st Grade Teacher x3225
Nancy Smith Intermediate School History Teacher x3127
Kimber Spinks Middle School Christian Education, Upper School History, Pre-K – 2nd Grade Faith Formation x2110
Jennifer Stanley Kindergarten Teacher x3223
Ginger Stewart 3rd Grade Teacher x3212
Gary Surratt Intermediate and Middle School Dean of Students x3114
Deborah Teten Kindergarten Teacher x3224
Kristina Wait Associate College Advisor x2208
Melissa Werchan Middle School English Teacher x2108
Linda Wheat Middle School Art Teacher x2107
Martha Wheat Pre-K Teacher Assistant    
Suzie Williams 4th Grade Teacher x3209
Ashley Wilson Upper School English Teacher x2203
Bryan Winegeart Assistant to Head of Lower School x3200
Kathy Wood Associate Head of School For Academic Affairs x1109
Kevin Woodell Maintenance Supervisor x4200
Mona Ybarra Custodian    
Gloria Zapalac Head of Lower School x3202